which i-D cover star are you?

​To celebrate i-D’s 35th Birthday Issue, Alasdair McLellan shot a whopping 18 covers starring a cast of super super models and new babes on the block, all taking their turn to wink for it. This issue is no. 337, and we've done mega multi-cover issues...

by Tish Weinstock
28 May 2015, 12:58am

You've been invited to i-D's 35th birthday party, what do you wear?

a) A dress made out of meat.
b) A cone bra.
c) High-tops and a beanie saying 'Dope'.
d) Black shades, fingerless gloves, and a trademark white ponytail.
e) Kanye West x Adidas Originals, duh!
f) Anything, you always look good.
g) Not much, tbh.
h) Jodhpurs, you've just got back from the country.
i) Something sheer. All eyes must be on you.

What are you most likely to say on arrival?

a) "They call me Mother Monster."
b) "Bitch, I'm Madonna."
c) "Lol."
d) "Don't eat that, Choupette."
e) "Imma let you finish but, where's the bar?"
f) Not a lot really, never complain never explain.
g) "Bitch better have my canapés."
h) Something frightfully witty and intelligent…
i) "I been drinking."

Who do you bring as your date?

a) Your hunky fiancé.
b) Drake, you've been working on your snogging skills.
c) Your BFF Kendall.
d) Choupette, as if you'd leave her alone!
e) Kim.
f) Your rocker hubby, although you'll pretty much know everyone there.
g) Drake, you've also been working on your snogging skills.
h) Your horses Dolly and Armani.
i) All your single ladies.

What gets you up on the stage?

a) Applause.
b) Resilience. It was only a small tumble.
c) You can smell bacon.
d) Choupette ran off somewhere in that direction. "Have you seen her?"
e) Taylor Swift.
f) An impromptu catwalk.
g) You're four, five seconds from wildin'.
h) Roxy Music.
i) Any song listed on Tidal.

What's the highlight of your night?

a) Getting naked and riding off into the distance on the back of a unicorn.
b) Getting ID'ed.
c) Stopping for a kebab on the way home.
d) Going home, it's Choupette's bedtime now. Goodnight.
e) Kim getting chucked out for taking too many selfies. #finally
f) Short queues for the loo.
g) Bringing out the birthday cake.
h) After party at LouLou's.
i) Realising that you really do run the world.

Mostly A's
You are Lady Gaga. You aren't known for being a wallflower. You are mother to hundreds of little monsters. You do crazy stuff like wearing dresses made out of meat and diamond encrusted lobsters on your head.

No.312, Spring 2011, The Exhibitionist Issue, Lady Gaga, Photography Mariano Vivanco, Styling Nicola Formichetti, Hair Bob Recine, Make-Up Billy B. 

Mostly B's
You are Madonna. You are a rebel at heart and you will snog everyone at the party. Why? Because, bitch, you're Madonna. Just be careful of long capes and high stages.

No. 15, May 1984, The Sexsense Issue, Madonna, Photography Mark Lebon. 

Mostly C's
You are Cara Delevingne. You embrace your weirdness. You love bacon and you have a tattoo of a lion on your hand. You also have very thick eyebrows.

No. 322, Winter 2012, The Wise Up Issue, Cara Delevingne, Photography Angelo Pennetta, Styling Cathy Kasterine. 

Mostly D's
You are Karl Lagerfeld. You are the king and Choupette is your queen.

No. 318, Spring 2012, The Royalty Issue, Karl Lagerfeld, Photography Karl Lagerfeld. 

Mostly E's
You are Kanye. Yeezy breezy, Kim's bottom you will squeezy. You are the biggest superstar alive. You speak your mind, especially when other people are trying to speak theirs. Your dream is to be accepted by the fashion world, and your greatest icon is your wife Kim.

No. 310, Winter 2010, The Back to the Future Issue, Kanye West, Photography, Fabien Montique, Styling Rushka Bergman, Grooming Ibn Jasper. 

Mostly F's
You are Kate Moss. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. So beautiful you made festival gear chic. People spend all day posting #tbt pictures of you online just so they can look cool, but they will never look as cool as you.

No. 149, February 1996, The Survival Issue, Kate Moss, Photography David Sims, Styling Anna Cockburn, Hair Guido, Make-Up Miranda Joyce. 

Mostly G's
You are Rihanna. You like money, diamonds, and pouring shit up. You rarely wear the same hairstyle twice. You have a whole Navy of fans behind you and you are basically the queen of everything.

No. 335, Pre-Sping 2015, The Music Issue, Rihanna, Photography Paolo Roversi, Fashion Director Alastair McKimm

Mostly H's
You are Edie Campbell. You will be the funniest, cleverest and sportiest person at the party. In fact, everyone should just bow down to you now.

No. 329, Pre-Sping 2014, The Future Fashion Issue, Edie Campbell, Photography Alasdair McLellan, Styling Benjamin Bruno

Mostly I's
You are Beyoncé, but you also go by the names Sasha Fierce, Queen Bey, or Mrs. Carter. You are a strong, independent woman, a true survivor. You run the world with all your single ladies. You are a lightweight when it comes to love.

No. 268, August 2006, The Health Issue, Beyoncé, Photography Matt Jones, Styling Marina Burini, Hair Kim Kimble, Make-Up Francesca Tolot. 

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