the soundtrack to your weekend ft. muna, mac demarco and stormzy

Press play on the new releases we've had on repeat this week.

by i-D Staff
03 February 2017, 4:05pm

Stormzy, Big for Your Boots

There's been a big Stormzy shaped hole in our lives for the past nine months, but after several hints earlier this week, he's back with not just the track list for his debut album but also this killer video of him riding round London hanging out the sunroof of a police car. We're excited.

Mined, Mistakes

Another lovely one from Peacefrog signee Mined, whose debut Pangs, from the end of last year, had a little of the Brian Enos about it. We like it when a plan comes together.

MUNA, I Know A Place

Pop's brightest new loudspeakers Muna know a place you can go. A song for "queer folks, for people of colour, for immigrants, for those who have been made to feel unsafe in their own skin," it's taken from their debut album About U and is available to own from this very day. We have two copies.

Mac DeMarco, This Old Dog

The other day, Mac treated fans to two tracks in one night. This one's our favourite. Taken from his forthcoming album of the same name, the lovely tune is illustrated perfectly with a CGI border collie going walkies on the spot. Notice how one minute in, the dog gives up and starts walking backwards. What does it mean?

MAAD, Touch Me

She's not mad, she's just maad talented. This is the sexiest thing we've heard all year.

Flyte, Echoes

London's Flyte enlist Courtney Barnett producer Burke Reid for a nice bit of introspection-mongering here. It sounds a lot like the kind of music it would be nice to hear Blur make these days, but it's nice that Flyte are doing it anyway.

Cultura, No Tengo Mas

For fans of Hannah Diamond who also like dancehall. Latin singer Cultura and producer Santell have collaborated with OKgrl on this shiny-happy video full of karaoke subtitles, so, a party tune and Spanish lesson in one handy package. Perfecto!

Maggie Rogers, On + Off

Fan of largely one shot, dance routine-heavy music videos Maggie Rogers returns with another largely one shot, dance routine heavy music video. We had a chat with her the other day and can confirm that she is not only very nice, but that if she were an alien she would be green with pink hair and six fingers. Read all about it here.

Beach Baby, Smoke Won't Get Me High

Another karaoke style video here from your friendly neighbourhood beach babies. One day all music videos will have lyrics. The best ones already do. Rumour has it there was some great topless footage that didn't make the cut. Extended version, anyone?

Sälen, Heartbreak Diet

Sälen make their entry into the Great Breakup Songbook now with a track containing lines as brilliant as "I used to dream of dying so that you would cry at my funeral" and "I am done with sticky people, they are too hard to pick out of my teeth". No wonder we stuck them in our Class of 2017 list.


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