delve into the sounds of paris with dj sounds' new documentary

Journeying from Paris' jazz and African rhythms rooms through to the 90s electronic boom and the city's first Techno Parade, get to know the underground sound of Paris today.

by James Hutchins
04 September 2016, 11:54pm

In the first in a series of four documentaries exploring and investigating the varying facets of today's electronic music landscape, DJ Sounds delves deep into the beating heart of Paris's electronic music world. A scene that exploded in the past five years, it has undoubtedly been bubbling away for the past 20 years, with clubs like Rex and Social continuously flying the flag for underground house and techno.

At a time where London's nightlife looks under threat from local authorities with venues like Fabric at risk of losing their license, the former French Minister of Culture Jack Lang sheds light on the importance of championing nightlife culture with added contributions from legends Laurent Garnier, DJ Deep and D'Julz.


Text James Hutchins 

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