transgender singer laura jane grace burned her birth certificate on stage at a north carolina show

The Against Me! singer was protesting the state's anti-LGBT bathroom bill.

by Wendy Syfret
17 May 2016, 5:50am

Image via @laurajanegrace

When Against Me! decided to perform a show in Durham, North Carolina some fans were puzzled. As a transgender women, singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace would be subjected to the transphobic bathroom laws that have seen other musicians cancel performances in protest. But for Laura Jane, taking to the stage was an act of defiance.

Last month, she promised the band would perform "as a form of protest," and when she took to the stage last night, she certainly followed through. Given North Carolina's controversial House Bill 2 states that transgender people must use the bathroom relating to the sex listed on their birth certificate, Laura pulled out her own birth certificate and set it on fire. 

She told a cheering crowd, "What better way to get a fire going? I came to North Carolina to be reborn." As the paper with her assigned sex and male birth name burned, she shouted "Good-bye gender!" She later captioned an Instagram photo of the event, "BURN GENDER BURN! GENDER INFERNO!!!!" Just incase anyone was still unclear about her stance on North Carolina's law, she posted a photo of the bill printed on a roll of toilet paper.



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Image via @laurajanegrace

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