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late actor anton yelchin’s intimate and otherworldly portraits go on show

Before his life was tragically cut short, the talented actor was working on his debut solo photography show. Anton Yelchin: Photographs has now opened posthumously, showcasing 40 surreal, sensual portraits shot on film over six years.

by Hannah Ongley
29 November 2016, 11:40am

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When Anton Yelchin was killed in a tragic freak accident in June this year, he was most frequently eulogised as a brilliant actor known for his roles on Star Trek, Like Crazy, and Jeremy Saulnier's white supremacist punk horror film Green Room. But Yelchin's creative body of work extended far beyond reading from scripts. He grew up on punk music and played in a band called The Hammerheads, and died just three weeks before he was scheduled to start shooting his directorial debut. In the months leading up to his death, he was also putting together his debut solo photography exhibition. Anton Yelchin: Photographs opened posthumously at Other Gallery in Los Angeles earlier this month, showcasing a series of otherworldly portraits shot on film over a period of six years. 

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The exhibition was curated by a small group of people brought together by Yelchin's parents, and gives his fans a powerfully personal legacy through which to remember him. "Passionate about photography all of his life, Yelchin was embarking on a second career as a photographer at the time of his death having been commissioned to shoot for a number of international publications," says Kelly Cole of Other gallery, which Yelchin had invested in prior to his death. "Yelchin's photography is dramatic portraiture — it is experimental, provocative and surrealist." The subjects are mostly young women and men, some of them laid bare and some wearing grotesque masks; ordinary people and places rendered extraordinary through multiple exposure, magical lighting, and intense saturation. 

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If you won't get the chance to see the show in Los Angeles before the end of the year, a selection of prints will soon be made available online by the gallery. A portion of the proceeds from sales of these prints will be donated to the Anton Yelchin Fund to be used for a variety of programs empowering children as well as students of filmmaking.

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"Anton Yelchin: Photographs" is on view at Other Gallery in Hollywood through December 31, 2016


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Anton Yelchin, courtesy of Other Gallery

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