netflix announces a comedy about underground sex ed

Because Coach Carr's abstinence lessons aren't cutting it.

by Hannah Ongley
28 November 2017, 10:56pm

Still from Mean Girls, via YouTube

In September, a UK research university warned that the traditional sex education curriculum was in urgent need of a modern update. It’s unclear if the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine had a Netflix comedy-drama in mind, but we’ll soon have one that sounds very modern indeed. Sex Education is a coming-of-age series about an awkward teen who starts an underground sex therapy clinic for his schoolmates, according to Variety. The show was created by U.K. production company Eleven, but will stream on Netflix globally in 2019.

Sex Education centers around Otis Thompson, whose unconventional side hustle is inspired by the work of his sex therapist mom. Otis — a virgin — is compelled to channel his mom’s progressive ideas into an after-school study group for teens. To do so, he enlists a female classmate called Maeve. Sources indicate that Maeve is a little more sexually experienced.

“It pretends to be a show about sex but it’s actually a romantic and funny show about love,” Eleven co-founder Jamie Campbell explained to Variety. “It’s an antidote to shows that present the teenage experience of sex as superhumanly confident and experimental. Our characters have an endless supply of sexual problems that need to be solved. Otis has the expertise to provide the answers, but has problems of his own, starting with the fact that he’s never had sex himself.”

The show will debut in American households at a crucial time. American teens are apparently having less sex and using more contraception than they were 30 years ago. But, given the Trump administration’s inclination towards abstinence-only approaches to sex ed, it’s not certain that this trend will continue. A Netflix show certainly sounds like a better bet than comparing vaginas to hoover vacuums.

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