stormzy got trapped in the loo at the MTV EMAs last night

And kept us updated via Snapchat.

by Georgie Wright
13 November 2017, 1:10pm

Image via Instagram

Look, we all get stuck in the loo from time to time. Whether you sunk a few too many pints at the pub, or you’re our shining beacon of goodness and all things honest in the world, Tinder toilet girl, we’ve all been there.

Stormzy hears you and Stormzy gets you, because Stormzy accidentally got stuck in the toilet last night at the MTV EMA awards. Granted, he was about to go and perform to thousands of viewers around the world, so it’s slightly more urgent than your triumphant return to the dance floor.

According to his snap, he popped into the wrong loo and, when he realised his mistake, was too embarrassed to leave lest he look like a creep. Again, something we’re all familiar with -- being so manically desperate that you pay no attention to whatever weird novelty door sign they have to demarcate girls and boys, so you accidently bust into the one with a merman on it, spot a row of guys standing behind a urinal looking at you like you’ve just told them the pub’s run out of beer, then proceed to swiftly flee the loo and/or pub and/or country. (You know what would solve this? Gender neutral bathrooms! Just sayin’.)

Fortunately, Stormzy’s luck changed when he recruited a friend to check that the coast was clear, before going on to nail an impressive performance as well as win the award for Best UK and Ireland act. Unfortunately, Stormzy’s luck changed back when Bono sung a bit of Blinded By Your Grace.

You can’t win ‘em all.