Photography Maya Zupano

What your July 2022 looked like

From Athens to Zambia, here's a snapshot of the world from last month.

by Ryan White
01 August 2022, 10:06am

Photography Maya Zupano

i-D closed out 2020 with My Year in a Photo, a 12-month retrospective that brought in hundreds of incredible submissions from all over the world. We enjoyed it so much that from now on, we’ll be running it as a regular feature. At the end of each month, we’ll open our inbox to photographs from anyone and everyone — just email

Once again we received even more submissions than the month before, making the process of editing this story even harder. For anyone whose images did not make the cut, please do keep sending us your photography, as we’ve been overwhelmed by the quality of the submissions and want to keep sharing as much of it as possible.

Two boys holding a third boy in their arms at a skateboarding park

Raf Souliotis, 19, Athens, Greece

“Spent my day with these three 15-year-old kiddos, who showed me how they skate at a ruined building in Athens.”

Person in a vest standing in the shallow ocean crashing against the rocks at sun set

Prince Jack, 22, Cape Town, South Africa

“Captured this moment of my friend Kelly as the sun set and the waves clashed.” @princejjack

Two children drinking tea, having breakfast and water in a Coca Cola bottle at a table in a Tibetan monastery in the mountains

Julia Dimitrova, 24, Kodari, Nepal

“Early morning at the Tibetan monastery. The monks and I were having breakfast and hot tea as the first sun rays struck through the mountains of China.” @julieewildd

Person who has had top surgery standing outside a metal fence, shirtless in jeans, with a t-shirt held behind their neck

Tamara Blake Chapman, 24, New York, USA

“My first time shirtless outside since having top surgery in March. I feel more like myself with each day.” @tamarablakechapman

Girl in a bathing suit and towel on her head at a pool in east London

Maya Zupano, London, UK

“At a public pool in east London.”

Shirtless man dancing on the beach as the sun sets

Lev Krag, 20, Vancouver, Canada

“I just want to be at the beach.”

Person laying in the grass drawing on red paper

Othy Jasper, 23, London, UK

“This was taken at 9pm on one of the long summer evenings when we could stay out in the park, chill, draw, vibe to music, and lose ourselves in one of London’s central parks.” @othyjasper

People standing on the beach, entering the ocean as the waves crash in

Marie Mendy, 22, New York, USA

“This was taken on a family trip to the beach in Dakar, Senegal. My sister was holding my five-year-old nephew’s hand as they entered the water. I was moved by the buzz of excitement in the air.” @seniggalese

Girl in a lake leaning against the pier as someone else dives in the water

Lola Mansell, 21, Torcy, France

“Escaping the Paris heatwave to take a dip in the Marne.” @lolamansellphoto

One person sitting on a chair, the other sitting on its back kissing

Dora Mois, 32, London, UK

“A photograph taken from my vacation in West Africa of two lovers.” @dora.mois

shirtless man sitting amongst the wheat fields

Nur Khamis, 23, Bucharest, Romania

“I took this photo of my boyfriend on a serene evening in Cluj-Napoca. We had a little picnic on a hill overlooking the city, watched the sunset, and forgot about the world together.”

Two boys sitting on a field as the sun rises over the trees.

Michiel Telier, 18, Ardennes, Belgium

“Two boys watching an enchanting sunrise in Southern Belgium.” @michielsdayoff

A young boy in a blue top squinting in the sun

Farid Renais Ghimas, 22, Indonesia

“Finally had a chance to visit my grandmother's place in Bengkulu after two years. Here's a photo I took of my cousin on that bright, sunny day.” @faridrenais

man stretching in a vest and shorts sitting on a roof under a red light

Dean Majd, New York, USA

“A portrait of my cousin Dallas on his roof in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. We're very close and have a strong connection. He's my favourite person to take photos of.” @deanmajd

People walking across the street amongst taxis and buses.

Mrinal, 20, Drajeeling, India

“Early morning in Sealdah, Kolkata.” @mrinaaal.p

person standing on a mountain overlooking the sunrise

Joyce Kwan, Hong Kong

“Early Saturday morning, my friends and I ran to the top of Tai Mo Shan to see the sunrise. I captured this moment for her. That was the greatest early morning.” @kw1tgn

Two boys sitting on a bike, one on the seat the other on the handle bars

Huy Duong, 19, New York, USA

“This was a shoot for Jeremy's birthday, a friend I met at the beginning of the school year and the first person I ever took portraits of. He had his other friend pull up near the park in Harlem where they had spent most of their time growing up together.” @hduongptg

Two people in swimming suits against the blue sky

VV Morais, 26, Brasília, Brazil

“This month I had to prepare for my first international exhibition — for which I decided to try something I've never done before — but for some calm before the storm, I had a brief getaway with my friends.” @moraisvvv

the shadow of a hand cast on a bare chested persons body

Giorgia De Bortoli, 25, Veneto, Italy

“This photo was taken near the River Piave in Veneto, the only place I don't hate in this small town reality I live in. My friends and I go there to fuck around and get in touch with our roots without feeling oppressed by them.” @polkadots_

young boy looking at the camera in the early morning

Michiel Telier, 18, Astene, Belgium

“Spontaneously capturing youth under a soft morning sky.” @michielsdayoff

silhouette of a person as the sun sets

Namukolo Siyumbwa, Lusaka, Zambia

"We were getting ready for a video shoot and I noticed the silhouette of my friend Mwachi against the sunset." @enessphotography

Two girls in bikinis and bathing suits splacing in the ocean on a very hot day

Daniil Lavrovski, 28, Bruges, Belgium

“Trying to escape the heat on the 2nd hottest day recorded in Belgian history wasn't easy.” @d_Lavrovski

someone with rings, jewellery and black clothing hiding their face from the camera smiling

Dorota Jedináková, 20, Slovakia

“Just one hectic backstage photo.” @jedinadora

people watching skateboarders on a rainbow coloured ramp

Do Tang, 26, Helsinki, Finland

“I took this photo during Helsinki Pride. There’s nothing much to say except for there was an inclusive feeling and supportive vibe coming from the people there.”

Man in crocs and jeans leaning against his car talking to people passing

Adetolani Davies, 21, Lagos, Nigeria

“After school hours.” @karmathagreat

inside a bus looking out the windscreen at night

Olivia, 17, Dublin, Ireland

“Will it always be this dark.”


All images courtesy of the artist

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