Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain's Venice promo makes us believe in love again

Slow-mo video will never be the same again.

by George Griffiths
05 September 2021, 10:59am

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In case you haven’t noticed, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain have hit the promo trail for their forthcoming limited series Scenes From A Marriage, which debuted this weekend at the Venice Film Festival.

Said promo included them basically parading around Venice looking breathtakingly gorgeous and doe-eyed, which clearly has resonated with all of the Film Girls, Gays and Theys who now all basically think Oscar and Jess are In Love.

(This being, of course, the entire point of the series they’re in together but let’s not ruin everyone’s good time just yet).

Across Twitter and your socials this weekend, you may have seen one video in particular; an almost excruciatingly slow slow-mo video that shows the two stars attending the red carpet for the Scenes From A Marriage premiere.

It is - and don’t take this the wrong way - the most homoerotic display of heterosexuality we have ever seen.

That arm kiss! Jessica Chastain has this man under a spell and she is aware of it at all times. In awe of her power. Emmy when, please?

We also have to point out that both Oscar and Jess are happily married to other people - he to Danish filmmaker Elvira Lind and she to actual Italian count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo - but can’t hot people be friends with hot people anymore?

Scenes From A Marriage takes this very virulent brand of sexual chemistry and transfers it to the small screen. An adaption of the 1973 Ingmar Bergman series of the same name, will follow the disintegration of the marriage between Jonathan (Isaac) and Mira (Chastain). Following its premiere at Venice, it will debut on HBO Max stateside on 12 September.

They’ve also starred together before, in A Most Violent Year but we don’t talk about that, mainly because it was so good and flew so under the radar it still kind of hurts.

This is not the first time we’ve seen this happen, though. It’s the same trick that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper played on the A Star Is Born press trip so well, that two people have chemistry so intense and natural, everyone around them suddenly forgets that they are two classically-trained actors whose literal job it is to emote.

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