A third Magic Mike film is coming

Get your singles ready, here’s everything we know about Magic Mike’s Last Dance.

by Tom George
30 November 2021, 1:48pm

Still from Magic Mike XXL

The stripping Gods seem to have heard our prayers: nearly a decade since the original film came out, a third Magic Mike movie is currently in the works, titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance. Seemingly a final send off for the ex-Xquisite dancers, the third movie will once again revisit the story of the eponymous Mike Lane as he dom tops the US male stripping scene.

Since Magic Mike XXL — the second movie of the legendarily raunchy franchise — hit cinemas in 2015, the cinematic universe has expanded into global live shows; and a new HBO reality series, Finding Magic Mike, will also be coming 16 December 2021, where ten men “who have lost their magic” learn the skills, choreo and charm of stripping. Highly involved in the latter and promising that “the stripperverse will never be the same again”, Channing Tatum has just announced via Instagram that a third movie has commenced production, with a full script already written. Rejoice! Here’s everything we know so far about Magic Mike’s Last Dance.  

What will Magic Mike’s Last Dance be about?

After quitting stripping at the end of the first movie, the 2015 sequel then ended with Mike and his OG crew returning to the world of bachelorette parties and body oil on a one-time only basis, gyrating for a strip convention and winning over the crowds at a kind of stripping X Factor. Though an official plot for the third movie hasn’t been announced, we can safely assume it will work as a finale to the trilogy and a glitzy send-off for Channing’s iconic character, Mike Lane.

Is the cast of Magic Mike returning?

Sharing a picture of the front page of the script to Instagram, Channing confirmed he was set to return as the titular stripper with the caption: “well world, looks like Mike Lane’s tapping back in.” God bless. Although no other member of the previous two films have been announced for the third movie, both Matt Bomer (who played the sensitive dance crew member Ken) and Adam Rodriguez (who played passionate fro-yo entrepreneur turned stripper Tito) commented a series of fire, clapping, heart and dancing emojis under Channing’s post which we’re taking as a sign that we’ll likely be seeing them in G-strings alongside him once again. 

In an interview with People last year, Joe Manganiello said he was “retired” from the world of Magic Mike even if a third movie was ever greenlit meaning it’s unlikely we’ll see Big Dick Richie and his sexy fireman’s outfit in the new film. It’s unknown whether Amber Heard, who played Zoe, Mike’s love interest by the end of the second movie, will be returning to the franchise either. 

There’s also been speculation whether Lenny Kravitz, father of Channing’s girlfriend Zoë Kravitz, will also be joining the franchise. “Dude, I’m just trying to get in the next Magic Mike. Any connections?” the rockstar jokingly wrote on Instagram under some hype comments from Channing and Zoë over Lenny’s thirst posts. It would be pretty iconic if his famous abs did make the final movie, perhaps a bit awkward for Zoë though.  

Who will be behind the camera?

Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh, who directed the original 2012 movie, will be returning to the helm of the third film with a script by Reid Carolin, who wrote the other two films in the trilogy as well. “As soon as I saw what Channing, Reid, and the Magic Mike choreographic team did with the live show, I said, ‘We have to make another movie.’” Soderbergh said in a statement. “Mike Lane’s dream of connecting people through dance must be realized.” 

After his involvement behind the camera on the first two movies, as well as his own background in stripping, it’s likely Channing will once again be stepping into the role of producer for Magic Mike’s Last Dance, alongside director of the second film, Gregory Jacobs. 

When will Magic Mike’s Last Dance be released? And where can you watch it?

No release date has yet been announced and with production seemingly only just starting, it’s likely the franchise’s curtain call won’t be making it to our screens until late 2022 at the very earliest. However, we do know that the movie will be available to stream via HBO Max when it does eventually gyrate into existence. 

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