Harry Styles is back with another sexy music video

This time for his track 'Golden'.

by Douglas Greenwood
26 October 2020, 4:41pm

Does Harry Styles know what he’s doing to us? 10 months into 2020, just when we’re ready to call it a fucking day, and here he is, smashing out another single following the runaway success of “Watermelon Sugar”. As a treat. Yep, gird your loins: the video for “Golden” is here, and it’s the perfect, sun-soaked antidote to this hellfire year.

Shot in Italy earlier this summer, it’s got big Call Me by Your Name vibes: lots of Harry in nice cars and billowy shirts, cruising down the coast. There’s also nice bits of him wearing some Gucci tailoring with a handmade ‘Golden’ necklace, diving into the sea, and wearing a rain-hat and some Steven Stokey Daley trousers around rock pools. 

Our favourite bit, though, sees him lean gently on the bonnet of some stranger's car and stare sweetly through the windscreen. Imagine that was you! How would you react to pop king Harry Styles staring you in the eyes through the windscreen of your Ford Fiesta?

It’s the most blissful accompaniment to the big, swooping, sing-a-long pop track from Fine Line, and (we like to think) exists in a world where Ms. Rona simply doesn’t exist. This is utopia right here. 

It’s also the final documentation of Harry Styles’ swoopy long hair. He’s since chopped it off for his role in Don’t Worry, Darling with Florence Pugh, which has just started production in Los Angeles. So once he’s finished filming that, what would we like the follow-up single to “Golden” to be? Answers on a postcard please!

Harry Styles