Baby Yoda beauty could be coming

Move over Kylie Jenner, a new beauty influencer has rolled into town and we’re expecting YouTube MUAs to be trying out his adorable, wrinkly eyeshadow palettes very soon.

by Roisin Lanigan
08 January 2020, 11:13am

Courtesy of Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Studios

If world’s most boring billionaire Kylie Jenner has shown the world anything, it’s that branding your own beauty is an extremely lucrative venture. It makes sense then, that our newest and most beloved influencer is muscling in on the action. Yes, that’s right, get ready world, because Baby Yoda Beauté could well be coming soon.

Not content with capturing our hearts and dominating the meme-osphere since late 2019, The Mandalorian’s most adorable creation wants to take over our cabinets too. As Inside The Magic [a Disney blog] reveals, Lucasfilm has submitted 28 trademark applications for Baby Yoda merchandise, including two specifically for cosmetics.

The company behind the Star Wars universe is seeking trademarking for “non-medicated cosmetics”, “non-medicated dentrifices”, “non-medicated toiletry preparations” and perfumes. While those categories are extremely broad, we can at least expect some Eau de Yodá and Baby Yoda toothpaste (that’s what non-medicated dentrifices means) in the near future.

The rest, for now, is just speculation. We don’t know when, if ever, our Baby Yoda lip kits and setting powder will land, but we do know in our hearts that it would immediately be a huge success. This is not the first time, after all, that Star Wars has ventured into the beauty industry. Just last month, in fact, Pat McGrath teamed up with the franchise to release a limited edition collaboration inspired by Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

And much as we love Pat McGrath, she’s simply not as cute as Baby Yoda. So we are excited!

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