A Silence of the Lambs TV show is coming

Maybe this could be your next crime binge watch?

by Douglas Greenwood
13 January 2020, 12:52pm

Is there anything quite as terrifying as the serpent-like, inwards hiss of Hannibal Lecter? Nearly 30 years ago, audiences were introduced to the mass murderer-cannibal on screen in Silence of the Lambs, based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Harris. Hannibal later went on to be labeled as the greatest villain in American cinema by the American Film Institute. Played by Anthony Hopkins, he starred opposite Jodie Foster, who won an Oscar for her role as the intrepid investigator Clarice Starling, hired to try and unpick Hannibal Lecter’s psyche.

To mark the classic film’s 30th anniversary, its producers have announced a TV series that picks up where the story left off. Closely following Jodie Foster’s character, it’ll be called Clarice, and is said to take us into the personal life of the detective as she returns to work and chases murderers and sex offenders throughout the United States.

The series was initially optioned as a Lifetime show in 2012, but was cancelled in its early stages. Now, CBS is on board to commission it -- should the pilot go well. The current plan, as it tends to be with US TV, is to film the first episode and see how audiences respond to it. If the reaction is positive, it should become a full, binge-worthy series in 2021.

“After more than 20 years of silence, we’re privileged to give voice to one of America’s most enduring heroes -- Clarice Starling,” the show’s producers, Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet, told Deadline. “Clarice’s bravery and complexity have always lit the way, even as her personal story remained in the dark. But hers is the very story we need today: her struggle, her resilience, her victory. Her time is now, and always.”

Since it’s set in the immediate aftermath of the original film, none of the original cast are expected to make an appearance. Instead, we’ll get new Clarice -- a role expected to be one of the most sought after for young women in Hollywood in the coming months.

We also know that Hannibal Lecter won’t make an appearance. Instead, we’ll have a whole new round-up of killers and criminals to haunt our nightmares come 2021.

Silence of the lambs