get ready witches, the ‘sabrina’ season two teaser is here

Including an homage to the 90s sitcom.

by i-D Team
03 December 2018, 2:21am

via YouTube

When we first watched The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina one thing quickly became clear: it was nothing like the 90s sitcom. Gone were the comedic and campy hijinks of the Spellman family, instead their adventures were now infused with satanism, ritual sacrifice and, frankly, some questionable camera work. But that hasn’t stopped the modern incarnation of the Sabrina story from paying homage to the beloved sitcom in a new teaser trailer for season two.

Opening the trailer we see Sabrina struggling to pick an outfit for the day, spinning in front of a mirror and having her outfit magically change from one to another. Eagle-eyed fans noticed the routine was similar to the opening credits of the 90s series. However that’s about as close as the teaser ever gets to the wholesome original, it then quickly descends into the dark and twisted horror that we’ve come to expect the reboot.

It’s been little over a month since Sabrina came into our lives, but thankfully us ravenous fans have been spared a lengthy wait for new episodes. We’ve already been blessed with the news of an upcoming holiday special and now we only have wait until April 5 for an entirely new season. Like one YouTube commenter said, “The devil works hard but Netflix works harder.”

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