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by Roisin Lanigan
12 November 2018, 5:29pm

Exhibition: Veuve Clicquot Rebels
Okay, so you may not associate Veuve Clicquot -- of fancy, delicious champagne fame -- with subculture and rebellion, but bear with us now, as the maison pays homage to radical minds with its annual extravaganza, the Veuve Clicquot Widow Series. Curated by acclaimed designer Tom Hingston, the immersive exhibition takes place across three rooms and features an enviable list of collaborators -- from Joe Goddard, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones, to Anna Burns, James Lavelle and Rebecca Louise Law -- as well as some of history’s little known rebels. Did you know, for instance, that Madamé Cliquot herself redefined gender stereotypes to transform the champagne industry, taking over her husband’s company at age 27? Well, now you do.
Rebels is open from 15 - 17 November on London’s Southbank. Find out more information and book your tickets here .

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Read: Mal Journal
It’s sad but true that literary journals -- like literary criticism in general, and indeed, all of life -- can be a bit white and male. If you find that unbelievably tedious (same!) then this week’s launch of Mal Journal is for you. The new bi-monthly, which aims to create new group for exciting voices writing about sex, gender, race and LGBTQI issues, debuts its first installment, That Obscure Object, this Thursday. Featuring essays by Anne Boyer, Juliet Jacques, Saskia Vogel and Eileen Myles, the issue explores obsessional love, consuming crushes and the development of trans writing as a genre.
Mal Journal launches this Thursday 13 November at the ICA, London, from 6.30pm, with the launch party featuring readings by contributing writers. You can RSVP and find out more here .

Film: Glasgow Feminist Arts Festival
If Mal Journal has inspired in you a deep hunger for women’s voices in all aspects of life (welcome!), then head from there up to Glasgow, where this week the Feminist Arts Festival opens. A new event championing women’s work in film, TV, music, performance and spoken word, the festival features workshops, screening and performances from Scotland-based artists. The #MeToo movement uncovered deep, systemic sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination in the film industry, but events like this serve to remind us that for every awful male filmmaker trying to direct a mind-numbingly boring coming of age movie filled with two dimensional Mary Sue female characters, there are 10 times as many emerging female artists, filmmakers and creatives challenging their mediocre contributions to the arts. It’s the reminder that we all need, tbh.
GFAF takes place at Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Arts this Friday 16 November and runs until Sunday 18 November. Find out more details and get your tickets here -- with 10% of the proceeds used to support Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis.

Music: EFG London Jazz Festival
The Jazz Age 2.0. is currently in full swing and, as if to celebrate, this week an entire festival dedicated to the stuff is rolling into town. For over 10 years EFG London Jazz festival has been flying the banner, featuring young, emerging bands making a stir alongside international legends of the genre. So, if you dug what you saw in our jazz portfolio last year, check out the full line up at the link below.
EFG London Jazz Festival opens this Friday 16 November and runs until 25 November. Find out more about the festival line-up and plan your festi outfit in advance here .


Art: Disease X at Museum of London
Halloween may be over but if you’re not ready to retire your goth side and prepare for the festive season just yet, then direct your morbid curiosity over to the Museum of London. Taking its name from the unknown pathogen that the World Health Organisation declared this year’s greatest potential risk to life, Disease X explores London’s history with disease and epidemic, 100 years on from the devastating Spanish Flu. If that’s not morbid enough, exhibits include Queen Victoria’s mourning dress and the skeleton of an infant smallpox victim. Someone pass me my hand sanitizer.
Disease X opens this Friday 16 November at Museum of London and runs until 1 February 2019. Entry is free. Find out more here .

Festive! Somerset House Skate Lates
I’m sorry, okay, I’m gonna need you to completely disregard the previous paragraph. I lied. Winter is here. And that means Christmas is here. The Coca-Cola Santa truck ad is on TV and they’re playing Last Christmas on repeat in H&M. It’s here, you cannot avoid it. So why not embrace it instead? Find your festive spirit! And if there’s one thing more festive than ice-skating, it’s ice-skating at Somerset House. Launching this week, Skate Lates is a special series of music nights throughout the festive season, featuring DJ Emily Rawson and The Belles Crew, Peckham-based radio station Balamii and Tottenham based club Five Miles. No Christmas Carols involved.
Tickets for Skate Late at Somerset House are £17, and they start this Friday 16 November. Book your tickets and check out the rest of the full line-up here .

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