hari nef and rowan blanchard want to appear on 'fashion police'

The unfiltered actresses engage in some real talk about the horror of dressing for the red carpet.

by Hannah Ongley
09 May 2016, 7:45pm

There are many things that sound great about being a celebrity. Non-economy flight tickets to exciting countries, free clothes, and having a platform to preach what you believe all sound quite positive, at least on paper. What doesn't sound so fun is anything involving a red carpet appearance, judging by the latest brilliantly unfiltered comments from Hari Nef and Rowan Blanchard. It all started with Blanchard revealing that she finds the red carpet an "uncomfortable scary place" in a rare Instagram post of herself posing at an event. "Ok I don't usually post carpet photos bc the carpet is a really uncomfortable scary place 4 me but here is a photo that I don't look stressed in that captures the beautiful work," she wrote before tagging her glam squad and praising the work of the organization she was supporting.

Nef then tweeted a desire to star with Blanchard on what would definitely be the greatest E! Fashion Police episode ever, spurring a self-deprecatingly hilarious rundown of what exactly is so bad about getting to wear a pretty dress and pose for photos: namely, pretty much everything. 

The much-maligned Fashion Police could certainly use a revamp. Why not just hand Blanchard and Nef the reins of the entire show? They could also rename it Fashion Taters. For the record, though, that Margiela dressed looked pretty damn magical from this perspective.


Text Hannah Ongley
Photography Michael Bailey Gates

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