​faustine steinmetz on going her own way with sustainable fashion

The London designer has spoken about fashion’s impact on the environment and the measures she takes to make her garments responsibly.

by Charlotte Gush
25 April 2016, 2:15pm

The London-based French designer Faustine Steinmetz has spoken about her efforts to make responsible collections using processes that have a lower environmental impact than mass-market fashion production.

For fall/winter 16, all of Steinmetz's denim styles were made from 50% recycled denim, and the water used in the factory recycling process was then also recycled. Of the sustainability issue, Steinmetz is a realist, telling Vogue, "At first I really set out to be a sustainable label, but I came to the conclusion, when I was doing my research, that nothing is sustainable. You can only be responsible, really.".

Speaking about how she came to focus on the topic, Steinmetz says, "It started really when I thought about creating my label. As an individual, I didn't really see the problem too much -- I was recycling and stuff, but there's only so much you can do -- but as soon as I wanted to create my label, I thought, 'That's quite a big responsibility if you're going to produce'."

She even reveals that her greenfingered ways infiltrated her recent monochrome felted denim collaboration with high street label Cheap Monday: "I think that I didn't let go [of control] that much," she says, "I think that they actually let go much more! I made them do lots of things by hand..."!.

Faustine also reveals that her spring/summer 17 collection is being produced in collaboration with African artisans, and that she will be adding competitively priced basics to her e-commerce offer. We'll be hitting refresh 'til the day it drops.


Text Charlotte Gush
Photography James Naylor

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