frank ocean releases new… snapchat filters

This is not the release we were waiting for, Frank.

by Matthew Whitehouse
05 August 2016, 2:45pm

Photography Todd Cole

As the wait for Boys Don't Cry stretches into what feels like millennia, Snapchat has introduced a pair of Frank Ocean filters for selected regions. Released presumably with the aim of preventing nationwide rioting by irate Ocean fans, one of the filters reads "Dear Frank Ocean..." in the same TextEdit font he uses on Tumblr. The other features an image of a skeleton with the caption "Waiting for Frank Ocean's album like..." Both would be amusing, had we not spent the entirety of August glued to a largely uneventful livestream.

The album is, of course, rumored to drop at some point today but, in the meantime, share your hopes, dreams, frustrations and boredom with the filters below (except you, Frank, you have an album to release).

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