frank ocean did something

We're just not really sure what.

by Matthew Whitehouse
01 August 2016, 1:52pm

A few weeks ago, Frank Ocean revealed that his long-awaited second album could be landing in July and now, with minutes to spare (California time), a mysterious video loop has appeared on his website. Shot in black and white and depicting a largely empty warehouse/studio space, the clip — confirmed via a now deleted Instagram post by Lost director Francisco Soriano — has offered nothing in the way of music so far (we think we might have heard a cough), although the Apple Music logo in the top corner does suggest it'll happen at some point. The only issue we can think of now is that it could take until November, the other 2016 dated mooted on the singer's tease earlier last month

Watch the clip here (you'll need both Safari and a lot of patience).


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