straight ups: the most original looks at bushwick open studios

As Bushwick's arts community gave the public a peek inside their studios for the annual Bushwick Open Studios, Barbara Anastacio snapped some of the weekend's most unique looks. Check em out, straight up.

by i-D Staff
10 June 2015, 8:35pm

Name: Haleh Nematzadeh
Where are you from? The fifth dimension and/or beyond
What are you wearing? Haleh Nematzadeh choker, some stripper brand catsuit, vintage 1980's Moschino bag, Tedi Bear socks for little girls, Luella Bartley for Marc Jacobs ninja trainer
What are you most excited to see at open studios? Hopefully something that can surprise and inspire me.
Why do you <3 New York? Even though I was born in Tehran, I've lived here permanently since I was a baby. Being a native New Yorker has given me the freedom and opportunity to become the person I was meant to be, and for that I'm so grateful. The energy here is so kinetic. if you have a high vibration it feels like a perfect fit, always buzzing.

Name: Nicky Ottav
Age: 20
What do you do? Club kid
What are you wearing? Nickelodeon, Moschino, Omweekend shoes
Who is your favorite artist? David Lachapelle
What inspires you? Cartoons
Why do you <3 NY? The lovely freaks
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? Posting nudes

Name: Maja Ho
Age: 22
What do you do? I'm a dancer and performing artist
What are you wearing? H&M fluffy pink knit and white Levi's cut offs
What inspires you? China: Through the Looking Glass exhibit at Met, the band O Paradiso, and people I walk past
Why do you <3 NY? I love the diversity in New York and the $1 pizza slices 

Name: Shea Daspin
Age: 25
What do you do? Styling assistant
What are you wearing? Daniel Silverstain, Oak, Reformation, Opening Ceremony, vintage skirt and bag
Who is your favorite artist? Yayoi Kusama
What inspires you? People!
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? Online dating! ha

Name: Antoinette Johnson
Age: 34
What do you do? Painter, hair stylist
Who is your favorite artist? Stephan Gammell
What inspires you? The strange and unusual
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? Infinite source of information

Name: Oliver Levius
Age: 25
What do you do? Writer, painter
What are you wearing? Scraps and a pair of Dr. Martens
Who is your favorite artist? Keith Haring
Why do you <3 NY? The grime
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? The 90s

Names: Ali & Gili Glatt
Age: 25
What do you do? Freelance in art direction and wardrobe for music videos and short films; window design and art
What are you wearing? Vintage jackets with a ton of patterns, shirts and tee shirts, platform wedges
What inspires you? FIlms, architecture, art, fashion, history, animals, nature, etc.
Why do you <3 NY? We were born and raised here. Once you're exposed to so much culture, you can't look back.
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? Having fun and freedom of expression, taking risks

Name: Bee Spiderman
Age: 26
What do you do? Sculptor
What are you wearing? Vintage 60s flower dress
Who is your favorite artist? Mike Kelley
Why do you <3 NY? Diversity
What's the best thing about being young in 2015? Fusing past with future; we are living in "the future"

Name: Celine Katzman
Age: 22
What do you do? These days mostly reading and preparing for an extended stay in Singapore.
What are you wearing? Glasses from a thrift shop in Zurich, Topshop crop top, Topshop backpack, pants from a thrift shop in Providence, YRU sandals.
Who is your favorite artist? Geoffrey Lillemon is disturbing and amazing.
What inspires you? Camels, pencils, Japanese candy
Why do you <3 NY? Bread Brothers pumpernickel everything bagels with vegetable cream cheese and lox!!!

Name: Diane Zhou
Age: 23
What do you do? Artist/graphic designer
What are you wearing from head to toe? All secondhand except Gola sneakers and socks from Japan
Who is your favorite artist? Hito Steyerl
What inspires you? eBay
Why do you <3 NY? Everyone comes here eventually


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