the dog days are definitely not over for luis venegas

Forget high fashion models, Hollywood pin ups and pop stars -- what better subject to base a magazine on than man’s best friend? We catch up with the Spanish mastermind behind C☆NDY, EY! Magateen, and Fanzine 137, to learn more about Issue 2 of his...

by Felicity Kinsella
20 January 2016, 2:15pm

When Luis Venegas' boyfriend, Leo Rydell Jost, got him a French Bulldog for his birthday, the pair discovered the unconditional love that comes with owning a pet pooch. They loved the little guy so much, they decided to create a magazine dedicated to the humble hound -- The Printed Dog. The inaugural issue's contributors included Steven Klein, Juergen Teller and Alasdair McLellan. The recently released second issue's quartet of covers were shot by Peter Lindbergh, Ryan McGinley, Terry Richardson and William Wegman. Aside from Dogue, this is the only magazine the canine crazy need in their lives. We talk puppy love with Venegas…

Dexter, Lulu, Kim Jones and Gorden Flores. Photography Peter Lindbergh. 

Why did you decide to make a magazine dedicated to dogs?
I've always liked animals in general, and dogs in particular. But as a child my parents never allowed me to have my own dog, they always told me dogs needed a big house with a garden to be happy. So I forgot about it until three years ago, when my boyfriend came home for my birthday with our French Bulldog, Perri. I fell in love with him and realized the many magical feelings of a human-dog relationship. So that's why I thought it'd be worth exploring all that in a magazine. In short, Perri was the muse I needed to start The Printed Dog.

Tell us a bit about Perri…
Perri is the best, what more can I say?

Charles. Photography Terry Richardson.

Why do dogs make such great friends?
Well, people talk about loyalty, etc. But for me, the reason dogs make great friends is the same reason why some humans make great friends: they're fun!

Did you find it easy to find creative people with dogs who wanted to participate?
Yes, totally. Creative people -- well, I'd say all kinds of people -- like to share their experiences with dogs. I guess at the end, we all are a bit vain and think we have the best dog, the deepest relationship. It's beautiful to share those feelings, don't you agree?

Judy. Photography Ryan McGinley.

Who are your favorite dog Instagram accounts?
I like Yogurt The Pirate -- she was in our first issue. I also follow a handicapped Frenchie called Oliver on wheelsTuna, Marnie, Gizmo, Lady Gaga's Asia… they're stars! But I'm not more interested in them than I am in anonymous dogs. In fact, in our last issue we've made a 32-page portfolio shot by Terry Richardson in collaboration with the adoption home Animal Haven in NYC. It's important for people to realize how great it is adopting rescue dogs.

Were photographers easily convinced to take part?
I've always thought good photographers are those who have a point, a strong personality, and they translate that into all their images, their subjects -- dogs included. For example Peter Lindbergh has photographed Kim Jones' dogs Lulu and Dexter and the photos look sooo "Peter Lindbergh," totally his signature. I guess it's a bit of a challenge for them to try new things, new models. So it's not difficult to convince them, I have to admit.

Barks of the world. Artwork Wilfrid Wood.

What's your favorite story from Issue 2?
I love all the content in the new issue, but I'm particularly happy about William Wegman's story. He's an artist I deeply admire and he shot a French Bulldog and a Dachshund for this issue, when he's shot only Weimaraners in the past, so this was new, unseen Wegman. And I'm also very happy I could interview Ilene Rosenthal Hochberg, the editor of the mythical 1986 Dogue -- the most flamboyant canine magazine ever!

Is there a dog you really want to feature but haven't been able to yet?
I'd like to feature Miley Cyrus' dog, Milky -- so gorgeous!

Rupert and Wilbur. Photography William Wegman.

Is your bark worse than your bite?
I don't bark or bite too often. But if I'd had a really good reason to do so, beware, because I wouldn't bark, I'd bite hard!

What happens when the dog days are over?
I have no idea. I hope my own dog days will never end!

You can buy The Printed Dog here.


Text Felicity Kinsella
Lead image Moujik IV. Photography Hedi Slimane

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