these creatives are proving that teamwork makes the dreamwork!

It takes two (three, four or more) to make a thing go right! In partnership with Mastered, we feast on the fruits of Collaboration: Mastered.

by i-D Staff
12 August 2016, 3:25pm

Photography @nicolobagnati. Styling @lgrovesss. Make-up @agata_porszke. Hair @portiaferrari. Set design @beigetype

Back in June, we revealed that we had partnered up with Mastered to showcase the finest images created through the free Collaboration: Mastered course. Following this creative call-to-arms, we've seen thousands of creatives from around the globe, from the UK and US to Serbia, Mexico, Singapore and beyond, join forces to make their dreams come true. After gaining insights and tips from an expert panel of the industry's fiercest and finest, they brought their collective visions to life and shared their final images on Instagram, using the hashtag #cmxid. Now that we've scrolled through the 4,500 submissions, here are the 25 images that caught our eye...

Photography @pierre_man. Film @mattcharland. Styling @bdiblasio. Make-up @alpersisters. Assistant stylists @__tishanna__ and @brassardmikael. Photo assistant @minuscoutur.

Photography @taineking. Stylist & model: @deannguyenn. Make-up @Telliottmakeup. Designer @geomurr.

Photographer @asupremeshot. Stylist and make-up artist @elliebebb94. Models Designer @kiranfathima

Photography @iammichellemarshall, Styling @cynthialawrencejohn. Make-up @sukhyb_mua_sashandbronze.

Photography @paologuadagninstudio. Styling @cinziacontro. Make-up @noyse_makeup. Designer @francesca_basso. Assistant set @venice__shots. Model @totaroirene at @nextmodels.

Photography @kanervamantilaphotography. Styling @nooraemilia. Make-up @keikumakeup. Hair @meron.laine. Model @nicolapollonio at @paparazzimodelmanagement.

Photography @lsuchorab. Styling @krolik_li. Make-up and hair @virginiabertolanimakeup. Model @agnesmirandaa from @nextmodels.

Photography @williamclarkphoto. Make-up @lucyferrr.

Photography @filatova__nadya. Styling @greedyrutman. Art direction and make-up @chivliklimakeup. Hair @margarita_khanukaeva.

Photography @nelson.anyways. Styling @everybody_is_a_saint,@chernyshevsky. Make-up @anna_naumenko_makeup. Hair @deni.mayskiy.

Photography @mokhovyk. Styling @juan__styles. Art direction @nixfunction. Make-up @e_venchy. Models @elitefletwins. Design @khasamarina.

Photography. @amadiez. Styling, make-up and hair @luzblancomua. Model @carriagadafalcone.

Photography @julianfreybergphotography. Make-up @hokysiswanmua. Model @jessicaxsilvaa.

Photography @edekgoralski. Styling @foreveryeon. Make-up @clairemulleady. Set design @pennypennymills. Set design assistants @merry_merdi@laulit. Model @freyatrice.

Photography @n8planes. Film @tonety_montana @galwachs. Hair and make-up @camuflashmakeup. Production design @lupitasierra_lamexicana @lucasgiraldomejia. Model @sasomnis.

Photography @djenebaaduayom. Styling @hillaryfrynails. Hair @thehouseofwadelee. Make-up @sylwialukosz. Model @livbenedikts.

Photography @chriscorrea. Styling @shaelynzhu. Make-up and hair @sydneykuooo. Model @modellondonknight.

In addition to the 25 above, the Mastered team would like to shine the spotlight on the below submissions...

Photography @soyundavid, @alejandro.arrias. Art Direction @alejandro.arrias, @indi.hairstyles. Creative Direction @soyundavid. Make-up @dianacml, @makeuplucristina. Hair @indi.hairstyles.

Photography and art direction @chriscorrea. Styling @shaelynzhu. Make-up and hair @sydneykuooo. Model @modellondonknight.

Photography @annazandman. Art direction @_christinachi_. Styling @ewm_stylist @david.james.c. Make-up @si.james Assistants @mrvksingh @natasha_handoko. Models @londonoeil@tolaelebiju.

Photography @lucaspassmore. Styling @brunolimadesign. Make-up@meghannguy. Production @breedfix. Models @raykrussell @caroline_eastman, @valentinaruby.

Photography @bryanmferguson. Styling Make-up @alexandra_adore. Hair @emmadiamondhair. Models @velevetunderground @chiagurrl

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