flying lotus calls out rappers for not paying producers

"Lots of rappers genuinely think they doing us favors by fuckin w us," FlyLo wrote on Twitter.

by Hannah Ongley
16 June 2016, 4:50pm

Flying Lotus took to Twitter last night to vent his frustration with producers not getting paid for their beats. The Grammy-nominated Kendrick collaborator, who released his fifth critically acclaimed album You're Dead! in 2014, suggested that producers ask for financial reward as soon they agree to enter the studio. "Tell them to pay your fee on the spot, cuz fuck that," he wrote, citing the relationship between Metro Boomin and Future as an example of the rapper getting the credit while Metro "makes that shit [Future's music] what it is."

He continued, "Lots of rappers genuinely think they doing us favors by fuckin w us." And in a series of since-deleted tweets: "Hella rap artists are rape artists. Taking advantage of abilities thinking its a good look for us! Most my people behind the scenes is broke. Ain't no reason why the homies shouldn't be eating super well right now... If u ask me. It's @MetroBoomin featuring @1future. He makes that shit what it is tbh." The producer and Brainfeeder founder later clarified, "I think Future is dope but producers build the landscapes." No hard feelings?


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