will 2016 be the year fashion bloggers become multimillionaires?

Agencies don't just represent models anymore, they represent Instagrammers.

by i-D Staff
13 January 2016, 6:41pm

via @mimielashiry

Bloggers are getting rich off sponsored posts and brand endorsements. That statement probably doesn't surprise you, but the sums might. Earlier this week, WWD reported that the web's "top names [are] making between $1 million and $3 million [USD] a year." Well hot dog. 

They've named Kristina Bazan of Kayture as one of the top earners, alongside Aimee Song of Song of Style, Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad, and Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. As WWD rightly put it, the "digital gold rush" isn't slowing up. Now that bloggers are veritable talents with an influence that parallels many models and actors, dedicated Insta-PR agencies are emerging to manage the people behind the most powerful handles. Next Model Management, for example, has a division dedicated to "Influencers"—a phrase which translates to, in essence, anyone with strong social media pull. 

But bloggers and Instagrammers are still small fry in the world of sponsored posts when you compared them to venerable Hollywood celebrities. Even when top tier bloggers earn between $5,000-$25,000 for a post, the fee remains a tiny fraction of the $300,000 Kendall Jenner is reported to pull in on the 'gram. So, are you going to log in, or log off?

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