casely-hayford get local for spring/summer 16

Following their move from Dalston to Seven Sisters, the father and son design duo explore their new home.

by Steve Salter
15 June 2015, 12:35pm

Within Casely-Hayford's fusion of sportswear and tailoring, the brand copies, pastes and manipulates the energy of London's streets. Since the label's inception, the brand has explored its east London home, outfitting Dalston dreamers and Kings of Kingsland Road. Moving its studio to Seven Sisters, Casely-Hayford have found a new melting pot of inspiration. In its designers' hands, the mix of African, European, Colombian and Asian ingredients gently simmer and reduce to form a new house special.

"It's a visual diary of the space that surrounds our new studio," Charlie begins backstage. "In many ways, this is our north London version of our Kings of Kingsland collection," Charlie confesses. An evolved Casely-Hayford man for an N15 world. "This season was a conversation between the two of us about how we were reacting to our new surroundings. There's so much to see, from the Hasidic Jewish community of Stamford Hill to the pockets of South Americans and beyond. It's a reaction to a new part of London, seen through fresh eyes," he adds.

Applying its signature, heady cocktail of codes, subcultures, creativity and communication, Casely-Hayford once again flip, reverse, displace and juxtapose. The ordinary and familiar are deliciously distorted in the brand's hands but here, there's a heightened sense the tribe has moved on. The design duo are drawn to the outsiders, the others. Here, this is no more apparent than in the outerwear and shirting that play with motorcycle jackets. "There's a biker gang that meet close to our studio and they race up our long stretch of open road. If you don't see them, you hear them." Even when it's not obvious, these leathers echo throughout the collection. They might've only been there a few months but this accomplished collection demonstrates just how much the Casely-Hayford's feel at home in Seven Sisters. Here's to exploring and celebrating your local community.


Text Steve Salter
Photography Mitchell Sams

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