5 young female skaters to watch

Throughout the years of the male-dominated skate scene, girls with sick moves like Peggy Oki and Elissa Steamer have proven women can dominate the streets and the ramps. Now, a new generation of game-changers are proving that point again, and have us...

by Courtney Iseman
14 July 2015, 3:05pm

Allysha Bergado

Beatrice Domond
Beatrice Domond is 22 and has already made a name for herself in the skating world - and beyond, thanks to her turn in Supreme's film by William Strobeck, Cherry. Domond held her own among the film's cool girls like Chloë Sevigny, and stole the spotlight as the only girl who actually showed off her skating moves. A Florida native of Haitian descent, Domond gets attention for not fitting the typical dude stereotype in skating, but doesn't seem to notice and doesn't make a point of it in interviews or on her social media pages. Instead, she keeps her eyes on developing tricks, and looking to take her professional game further and open skate parks in the future.

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Allysha Bergado
For a girl who's only just turned 19, Allysha has been busy. The El Segundo, California native has competed in the X Games and the Vans Bowl, has showed up in commercials and on TV shows, and reps likes of Etnies and Creature Fiends. Her BFF, Lizzie Armanto, a fellow badass skater, applauds Bergado's ability to land challenging tricks and get right back up when she doesn't, while being "young, wise and a little bit crazy all at the same time." Bonus points: Bergado's social media game is strong with shout-outs from Thrasher and an eclectic Tumblr.

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Alana Smith
At 14 years old, Alana Smith earns a baby-of-the-bunch status, but you'd never know how young she is from her moves or accomplishments. Her awards, records and arsenal of tricks read like those of someone twice her age, like her being the first female to land a 540 McTwist in competition (at 12). She also broke a world record as the youngest ever X Games medalist when she took silver in 2013. Another member of team Hoopla and repped by the likes of DC, Alana has expressed the will to push harder in a male-dominated sport.

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Anne-Sophie Julien
We're used to coveting French girls' effortless style, and Montreal native Anne-Sophie Julien exudes that quality even in her skating. She approaches kick flips, twists and grinding with the greatest of ease, making it look like anyone can do it (only they definitely can't). Sponsored by Volcom, Empire and Nixon, Julien skates with the Skirtboarders, a whole group of French cool girls who skate, party, travel and make films. Somehow, she finds time aside from all of this to have a career in television, so we'll definitely keep seeing Julien around.

Lacey Baker
California girl Lacey Baker seems to have cool factor in her blood - she is the daughter of punk guitarist Marshall Roehner, after all. Baker's making a name all on her own with her standout tricks and street skating style. She's been featured in several videos and has put out her own video on Thrasher's site, where the magazine called her showcase "one of the best female street/tech [reels they've] seen." She's placed first in the X Games (with four medals overall) and is known as trailblazer in goofy-footed skating. The success doesn't seem to be going to Baker's head, though, as she still makes skating seem like simply her go-to for hanging out and having a good time.


Text Courtney Iseman
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