get proper arty with proparty

London’s brightest young artists on show at The Winter Salon in Notting Hill.

17 December 2014, 10:10am

Showcasing work by some of London's most exciting young artists, PropARTy: The Winter Salon is a group exhibition making use of a three-floored disused period mansion in London's Notting Hill. The exhibition will bring new art to old spaces, eschewing the white cube of the contemporary gallery. 

Almost like a meditation on mortality, the exhibition explores age-old themes in a setting that's soon to be demolished. ''Art doesn't need to be confined to a gallery space,'' say curators Lucy Wright and Sam Palmer. ''The idea is simply to showcase art in a relaxed environment, enabling visitors to think and feel more confidently outside the box when viewing artwork.'' Once housing an array of British Modern Art, each floor will be filled with works by cutting edge artists including Laura Fraser, Danny Fox, Jessica Illsley, and Dominic Jones, alongside pieces by exciting new online curatorial body, Kids Of Dada.

PropARTy: The Winter Salon, will be showing at 8 Pembridge Place, London W2 4XB on Thursday 18th December 2014 from 6.30pm-9pm, after which they will be showing by appointment only until Sunday 21st December.