p. morris is putting kansas goombawave on the map

Understated but stunning, sensual but not sleazy, suggestive never crude, Kelela, Feist and LE1F have all enlisted the help of P. Morris to add drops of his dreamy, synth layered, warped Trap music to their own already popular, powerful and unique...

by Milly McMahon
03 July 2014, 1:05pm

P. Morri$

Founder of independent imprint and collective Bear Club Music and an active member of LA movement and electronic record label 'Fade to Mind', we caught up with 25-year-old Morris hanging out in his LA home, wearing all black everything; Fade to Mind T shirt, Black Nike sweats, and Nike Kobe 9s, i-D introduces that guy, smiling behind distinctive black rimmed glasses. 

You've worked closely with Kelela, producing the stand out track Go All Night from her debut mixtape. How did you meet her? 
The first few times I came out to LA before moving there I would stay with Prince William of Fade to Mind. He was acting as a bit of an A&R for Kelela's Cut 4 Me project and insisted that I met her. On one of those trips, I played at Low End Theory and Kelela came to the show with her Dad. 

How did the two of you vibe together in the studio?
Working with her is such a dream, in a way, because she knows what she wants to do, and sound like, but she's also good at going with the flow and just letting the good stuff happen. 

How busy is life for you right now - what are you investing your time working on this summer?
Right this second things are relatively chill. I just got off a three-month tour. I've pretty much been running since March, with SXSW followed by a two-week trip to Australia, a couple shows with FKA Twigs and a US tour with Baths and Young Fathers. Needless to say, I'm trying to use the summer to catch my breath and refuel for autumn. 

Glasto just ended and half the office is still off sick. If you were to curate your own festival, who would you book to headline?
Honestly I would love to do an All Tomorrows Parties type thing where I only have bands that have been touched by John McEntire; Stereolab, Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Feathers etc.

What artists that you truly believe in would you pinpoint for breakthrough this year?
I have really been loving this band from Scotland, Young Fathers. Their album Dead just dropped on Anticon and it's stellar. We just toured together and I can safely say they are up next. 

You work a lot with your friends. What happens on a good night out with your crew in LA?
A good night out in LA is probably at some undisclosed warehouse space, followed by curry at my favourite late night spot in Hollywood.

I'm feeling your tee. What is your go to, day-to-day uniform?
I've gone through a lot of phases with my personal style and taste but Pharrell has always remained a constant for me. Day-to-day I really like basic stuff, comfy stuff; white tee, black tee, sweat pants, Air Force Ones, Timberlands etc. I don't really follow a ton of brands these days, so mostly when I acquire new pieces, its probably Nike. I own like 5 pairs of glasses, but really only wear two or three of them.  

So what's next, I'm hungry. You're a taco and Thai connoisseur, where are the best eats on the west coast?
I love this taco truck over around my way called La Estrella! I had to ease up on going to this spot 'cos I was eating there way too much. At $2.00 the price is very very right, and the quality is bomb.  On the Thai tip - I often hit up this spot Prince William put me on called Ruen Pair. Its pretty amazing, they do incredible curry. When I'm in San Francisco, I frequent Marnee Thai, which has some of the most amazing Thai style chicken wings I've ever had.

What are the top 3 most played tracks on your iTunes?
Frank Ocean - Sierra Leone
Beyonce - Rather Die Young
Pharrell - Frontin

What was the last film you watched?
X Men: Days of Future Past

Whats should we all check out on youttube now?
HOW WAS YOUR FLIGHT? lol (bearbum)

What website should we all get bookmarked now?


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