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pfw: chloé spring/summer 15

Chloe's spring/summer 15 was a romantic adventure that toyed with the casual sexiness of the 70s, but it was the hints of a tougher and more romanticism that ultimately defined the collection.

by Adam Fletcher and Bojana Kozarevic
30 September 2014, 4:20pm

Mitchell Sams

The legendary founder of the house, Gaby Aghion, tragically passed away the day before the Chloe show, and it felt apt that the Creative Director Claire Wright Keller dedicated the show to her as the collection paid its respects to the romanticism that Aghion herself so beautifully defined. The collection made us all wistful, wishing to be a Chloe girl. The kind who so lusciously matches her serene naivety with an unplugged sweetness and a raw, hippie wild side. That is exactly what Claire Wright Keller so elegantly tapped into.

The opening looks were odes to lace, spaghetti-strap dresses stunning with their complexities with skin teasingly peeping through, and black flowers revealing themselves woven in lace.

Chloé Spring/Summer 15

It was the consistency of silhouette that made for a more daring, modern Chloe girl. There was drama, with the floor-length swoops of sheer skirts and pleated dresses (incandescent sky blues and pastel greens were just a treat to the eyes) but it was soft dramatics, one made for the running on the beach under a moonlight sky.

There were suedes and denims, the latter making some serious chic in oversized, washed out tracksuit format. Suede skirts, shorts and shirts styled together made for a modern, effortless two-piece suit. The whole collection whispered effortless elegance, and made it for one of the stand out fashion languages spoken season.


Text Bojana Kozarevic
Photography Mitchell Sams

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