this reprehensible online group is photoshopping plus-size models

Project Harpoon: the trolls that think it’s okay to take plus-size women from moms to models.

by Hana Beach
21 August 2015, 2:25pm

The online world became a little more negative with the creation of Operation Harpoon, a Facebook page that re-photoshops plus-size models into thinner versions of themselves. The page is a spin-off of the group Project Harpoon, a self-described "art project open for interpretation," that fat-shames under the guise of health positivity. Mercifully, both pages were taken down overnight after widespread criticism (although its Instagram page is active).

Stemming from the reddit forum ThinnerBeauty, Project Harpoon began releasing re-photoshopped images of plus-size celebrities like Melissa McCarthy and Tess Holiday earlier this month, but recently switched to critiquing regular people about their "misguided" body size. The page was filled with painfully edited images with the hashtags #SkinnyAcceptance and #Thinnerbeauty.

The Facebook description explained that the fashion world has become "pro-obesity" and the "page aims to only show that being skinny is okay as well!" However, the images were captioned with mean diggs like from "mom to model" and seemed to be more fat-hating than skinny-accepting. The size of someone's body doesn't tell you much about their health. So, it's important to realize that judging someone's health is hard, and so is photoshopping. So let's let the professionals handle it. 


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