watch drake dance in a light cube in the 'hotline bling' video

Champagne Papi serves peak #cozyboi looks in a James Turrell-esque installation.

by Charlotte Gush
20 October 2015, 12:33pm

Proving once again that he's the smoothest man on the planet, Drake's Director X-lensed, soft-lit, slow-groove Hotline Bling video is sensual and sexy, simple and extravagant all in one.

Starting with a dream-like sequence where a call center full of beautiful women in matching pink T-shirts and jeans say reassuring, flirty things into headsets, the video then cuts to Drake dancing slow inside the soft glow of a huge light cube. Women in tight black outfits dance silhouetted against color-changing light walls and on stairway to heaven, or at least some kind of soft-lit spaceship.

Repping OVO, as always, Drake wears the owl motif hoodie, making outfit changes from a red Moncler puffer jacket, Nike Air T-shirt and Timberland boots to grey sweatpants and the coziest looking ribbed polo neck sweater. When he sings, with all the feels, "You should just be yourself, right now you're someone else," you silently promise him that you will take a look at your life, momentarily forgetting that you're a feminist and you can do just as you goddam please.

In an emosh Insta message to fans a few days ago, Drake urged them to make Hotline Bling No. 1 on the Billboard charts. "I spend my life trying to make waves for the city I am from," he says, "No accolades really matter to me other than the fact that I have never had a billboard number one. If I get my first number one during the month of October it will be the biggest moment of my career to date (in my mind) and if you are looking for me on that particular evening I will be passed out in the water slide that connects to our pool. I love you and thank you for these memories. I always love the moment right before it happens more than when it actually happens. So thank you...even if it doesn't".


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