the nyc glossary of drag courtesy of scotty ‘sussi’ sussman and harry charlesworth

Wanna know your tea from your shade? Well take a peek at our NYC glossary of drag hunty!

by i-D Staff
25 November 2016, 11:25am

In our latest documentary series, LOVERBOY designer Charles Jeffrey explores all that the alternative nightlife and fashion scene in New York has to offer. Having never visited the Big Apple before, Charles had to put a lot of trust in his tour guides and while Coach Trip's Brendan wasn't available we roped in the High Priestesses of New York nightlife: Scotty 'Sussi' Sussman and Harry Charlesworth. Watch in Episode 2 as Charles got ready for a night at Lady Fag's famous BattleHymn night in Manhattan. During filming, we quickly learned that if you can't talk the talk, people might have to tell you the T (and you might not like it!) Luckily Sussi and Harry gave us a lesson in the parlance you need in your arsenal so you don't make an arse of yourself at a drag night. Check it...

Ation: When you're at a loss for words and in need of some abbreviation, an easy way to deliver a summation of your explanation.

Bundles: Bundles of purchased hair or bundles of "snacks" for later.

Cunt: Either a compliment for looking good, or a nasty put down--either way a very useful word reclaimed by the underground.

Extravaganza: A truly spectacular performance/party that exceeds normal levels of sickening.

Eleganza: When a queen turns out her most glam and most refined looks.

Full Fantasy: When all the elements are in place, the fantasy can become reality. When everyone is vibing and the looks are fierce, honey, anything is possible.

Glam: Glam isn't just a feeling, it's a way of life. Upholding the 24/7 full fantasy is a job!

Hunnay/Hunty: Honey/Cunt blended into an endearing word smoothie, a little bit of everything.

Lewk: When the full blueprint of your ideal image has been fully realized and constructed, your crispiest wig and your best pair of heels.

Lit: When the music, the looks, and the energy are on fire and the dance floor starts to burn.

Pop off: The ultimate moment of the weekend when everyone agrees to be maximally lit.

Serve: What are you serving tonight? What are you giving your hungry fans? Give them what they want, eat it.

Slather: The power of creating something out of nothing with the magic of your own hands.

Shade: Subtle hateration. No harm is meant, except when it is...

Sickening: Looking so good it makes us want to puke all over you.

Tea/T: The gossip, the info, the 411, the skinny on what's going down? Tea is meant to be poured and served, HOT.

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