​calvin harris and rihanna think inside the box for new video

‘This is what you came for. Right here. This is it.’

by Matthew Whitehouse
17 June 2016, 1:26pm

The video for Calvin Harris and Rihanna collab "This Is What You Came For" has landed and, if what you came for is Rihanna in a big white box, then you will not be disappointed. Opening with establishing shots of the big white box in a desert, the big white box in a field, and the big white box in a studio scenario (where, let's face it, the big white box has only ever really been), we see RiRi spinning around, chucking leaves in the air and generally having a very good time indeed. There is smoke. There are lasers. There's a bit where we see Rihanna in a club-like situation. And to top it all off, Calvin rocks up in a big white sports car looking more like a prospective James Bond than, well, that other blond guy in the running to play him. While the song doesn't necessarily hit the giddy heights of "We Found Love" (due to the fact that no song ever has hit the giddy heights of "We Found Love") it certainly ticks all the boxes for us. Have a watch, below.


Text Matthew Whitehouse

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