rina sawayama’s new video for cherry is perfect

Blossom, babes and beautiful dance routines.

by Frankie Dunn
06 September 2018, 12:21pm

Still from Rina Sawayama's Cherry

Stretch your memory back to mid-August when Japanese-British popstar Rina Sawayama released her pansexual bop Cherry and you were left feeling both validated and represented for the first time in forever. That was good, wasn’t it? Better still is the dreamy accompanying music video that dropped today. Directed by Isaac Lock, it was choreographed by Joelle Fontaine, who describes having “specifically casted several POC queer dancers fully embracing their femininity, as that’s something you don’t see. The movement is based around the struggle of coming to terms with what society has told you is wrong, but in the end is a justified feeling.”

Rina Sawayama is about to head off on her Ordinary Superstar Autumn Tour on 12 September, kicking things off in Brooklyn and touring the states before ending up back in London’s Heaven on 19 October. Plenty of time to learn the routine from the end of Cherry and form a dance crew of Pixels intent on bringing Rina to tears with pure joy, then!

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