you can now stream the ‘ted bundy tapes’ on netflix

Apparently, the true crime docuseries is too horrifying to watch alone.

by Nicole DeMarco
24 January 2019, 11:19pm

Photo via YouTube

Today marks the 30-year anniversary of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy’s execution by electric chair, on January 24 1989. That makes this unassuming Thursday the perfect day for Netflix to release their new true crime docuseries, Conversations With A Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. It doesn’t come without warning, directly from the streaming service, that you shouldn’t watch it alone.

What’s so terrifying about Bundy is that so many of his young female victims fell for his charm, charisma, and questionably good looks, which he used to win their trust before brutally murdering them, sometimes keeping their severed heads as mementos to adorn his apartment. Bundy often feigned an injury, or pretended to be a cop — as one woman, who narrowly escaped his grasp, recounts in the docuseries. And though Bundy ultimately confessed to murdering 36 women, throughout the 70s, in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah, he may be tied to numerous other assaults and murders. The “FBI’s most wanted man” did escape jail, twice. And now, thanks to Netflix, you can hear hours of unheard audio straight from Bundy himself.

True crime heads have taken over Twitter to express their excitement over the series, to point out that Bundy wasn’t nearly as handsome as everybody thought, and to express their gratitude that he hasn’t come back to life as a zombie. Another Ted, Ted Cruz, is also trending. Coincidence?

In case you missed it, catch the trailer below.

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