influencers are losing their influence

A new study found fewer people are engaging with influencer posts.

by Erica Euse
10 July 2019, 7:49pm

Image via YouTube.

When Instagram announced earlier this year that it was entertaining the idea of removing “likes” many wondered if it would be the end for influencers. But, a new study suggests the downfall of influencers might already be happening. According to new research, engagement with influencer posts on Instagram is near an all-time low.

According to Mobile Marketer, the analytics firm InfluencerDB recently found that the rate for non-sponsored posts fell to just under 2 percent during the first quarter of 2019 from 4.5 percent three years earlier, while sponsored posts are now at just over 2 percent from 4 percent.

The study also found that the engagement rate for influencers across every industry category including beauty, fashion, food, and lifestyle have declined in the past year. InfluencerDB believes the decrease is due to the fact that people are being bombarded by sponsored posts, and understandably scrolling over them.

The new research falls in line with The Streetwear Impact report published by Hypebeast earlier this year that found that influencers were losing their effectiveness. Interestingly, this new study found that influencers with 1,000 to 5,000 actually had the highest rate of engagement, compared to those with over 5,000.

While we aren’t sure if this is the actual demise of influencers, it does look like they might have to reconsider their strategy because their followers are clearly over it.