the korean promo pics for 'call me by your name' transform it into an even more beautiful love story

Oliver and Elio, but make it illustrated.

by Roisin Lanigan
16 March 2018, 1:59pm

This article was originally published by i-D UK.

With its sun-bleached color scheme, heartbreaking love story, and dreamy Italian landscape, Call Me by Your Name is already a beautiful film. But you know what would make it more beautiful? If it was reimagined in watercolors and pastels. Luckily, the Korean promo pics for the film have shown us what that would look like (it’s predictably lovely).

The illustrations, produced by Sony to promote the film, are somewhere between the-most-impressive-fan-art-you’ve-ever-seen and what CMBYN might look like as a Madeleine-esque children’s story book, and we love them.

After being shared on Instagram earlier this week, Twitter has already managed to track down the artist, Son Eunkyoung, a freelance illustrator and printmaker from Korea. If you like his CMBYN pastel fantasies, his Instagram is full of other cinematic masterpieces, including pastel creations for Blue Is the Warmest Color, The Dreamers, and 500 Days of Summer.

Oh, and he also drew those iconic Gucci dragon babies.

Call Me By Your Name