bill cunningham’s bicycle is going on display in new york

The New York Historical Society just acquired the beloved late photographer's camera, library, and personal effects.

by Jo Rosenthal
17 February 2017, 8:32pm

A selection of personal items owned by beloved fashion photographer Bill Cunningham now belong to the New York Historical Society's permanent collection. The late New York icon's bicycle and camera have just been acquired, among many other items, and will go on display as part of a larger exhibition at the museum this spring. The photographer could always be spotted cycling around New York on his Biria bicycle, capturing the city's street fashion with his Nikon, and smiling as he rode.

Cunningham, who died last year at 87, was a source of joy to all who knew and worked with him. John Kurdewan, a staff editor for The New York Times who assisted to Mr. Cunningham, recalled at a memorial for the photographer last year that he was a "true ham." Kurdewan donated images from Cunningham's beloved "On the Street" and "Evening Hours" columns to the Historical Society together with Louise Doktor, Cunningham's friend and longtime muse.

Louise Mirrer, the president of the Historical Society, told the Times, "It is with great pride that the New York Historical Society becomes the new home for [the photographer's] earthly belongings."

Other donated items include more than 200 books of news clippings, notes and photographs, a helmet covered with images from Cunningham's Times columns, and his New York Living Landmark plate. The New York Historical Society also now owns Cunningham's feather collection — though photography was his great love, he started his career as a milliner.

More details about the New York Historical Society exhibition will be announced at a later date


Text Jo Rosenthal
Image via Youtube

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