atomic blonde: charlize theron is an undercover spy kicking ass in cold war berlin

With a Kanye West soundtrack.

by Charlotte Gush
12 April 2017, 11:27am

Charlize Theron goes undercover as an MI6 spy investigating the murder of a fellow agent in Cold War Berlin in upcoming action thriller Atomic Blonde. As the British secret service agent Lorraine Broughton, Theron kicks ass with her spike heels, and keeps her titular blonde locks looking remarkably fresh throughout a range of lethal excursions. Teaming up with local station chief David Percival (James McAvoy, kitted out in funky 70s style) and hooking up with her French counterpart, Sandrine (Sofia Boutella), Broughton has to deal with a revolving door of double agents in order to complete her mission. Kanye's BLKKK SKKKN HEAD (with its Marilyn Manson sample) and Depeche Mode's Personal Jesus feature in the trailer soundtrack. Check it out below.

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