watch chance the rapper open up about ptsd and anxiety

In a new interview with Complex, the artist talks about life, love, heartache, and coming to a point where he's content to chill.

by Isabelle Hellyer and Georgie Bretherton
15 March 2017, 2:29pm

Chance the Rapper has opened up about dealing with anxiety in an interview that accompanies his latest cover for Complex magazine. Speaking in the video, Chance also discussed several other issues including the positive impact that becoming a father has had on his life, and how that made him appreciate his own parents even more.

In the discussion, beginning at the 17-minute mark, Chance revealed that while he was growing up, anxiety "wasn't a thing" that was ever talked about or discussed, and therefore he only recently began to understand that part of his life. Chance said, "I'm kind of scared of medication. I'm cool with self-medication. I like to smoke weed and shit to chill out. But now that I've gone through so many different stages in a short period of time, like really just high school through now, I'm not really trying to try no new drugs, even if they're prescribed. I'm chilling."

He went on to admit that he could have PTSD after the deaths of some close friends, however, he said, "I don't ever want to convince myself that I'm hindered by anything in any of my experiences because I also believe in G-O-D."

In the interview, Chance also touched on other issues such as winning a Grammy, the possibility of selling his next album, and the benefits of being an independent artist. Listen to the full interview here. 


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