city guide: new orleans with pell

Take a trip to NoLa as the city’s young musical export shares his favourite hometown hangouts.

by Francesca Dunn
19 November 2015, 5:10pm

23-year-old Jared Pellerin aka Pell is a real talent. He raps, he sings, he produces, he eats too much sushi, and he hails from New Orleans, Louisiana. Describing his sound as concentrated futuristic soul, he has always identified with being an artist and believes that music is the most expressive form of communication. He and his family were forced to relocate to Mississippi back in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina but he still considers the resilient city his home and it is clear that its soulful heartbeat has permeated his music, not least in his partial ode to the iconic NoLa beignet establishment, Café du Monde. There's a positive energy to the place, with music almost incessantly filling the streets and residents partying on through the good times and the bad. Having already accompanied Kindness on his US tour and released LP after LP (2014's Floating While Dreaming followed by this month's Limbo) Aziz Ansari's biggest fan is certainly making a big impression.

Hit play on The Meters' Cissy Strut - a prominent song from Pell's childhood and the one that he feels best represents his city - grab a daiquiri, and enjoy this future star's guided tour of the big easy.

For eating: The Ruby Slipper
"Their migas is amazing, and they have the best mimosas for starting the day off on a good foot. The employees are very personable as well, maybe the best in New Orleans, but if personality isn't what you're looking for, the food never disappoints."

For drinking: Fat Tuesday's
"It's a drive thru daiquiri service in New Orleans and I couldn't be more proud that we have that."

For coffee: Royal Blend
"I grew up drinking their coffee as a child. I remember always being super hype about it, like it was a new pair of Pumas or something."

For dancingRepublic on bounce night
"I love being able to have a good time with my friends while I'm in the city. It's always an event when we go to Republic."

For music: Frenchman St
"There is live music being played at all times on this street and it truly embodies New Orleans jazz and the heritage surrounding the city. I've always been a huge fan of live music and this is really as good as it gets."

For escaping: The Fly Park behind Audubon Zoo
"When I used to hang out with my friends and share a few brews (or daiquiris) this was always the spot to do it. You can sit down on the grass by the river and enjoy the view of ships going down the river. It's a great place for me to clear my head and give myself some space."

For record shopping: Peaches
"Peaches is a classic record store in New Orleans. If you want anything from Marvin Gaye to Marvin's Room - they've got you covered."

For clothes shoppingRefresh
"If you really want exclusive gear in the city and want to be around good people, look no further than Refresh. The owners are young and completely in tune with what's cutting edge in fashion. They are also home to the brand Like Sushi (hats I wear all the time) so the product speaks for itself."

For a first dateCamellia Grill
"Camellia Grill is by far the best diner experience I've had in the south. The food is crazy and the vanilla freeze is a necessity with whatever you order."

For inspirationCity Park
"The fact that it's located in the middle of such beautiful city can only be topped by it having the most serene environment."

For performingHouse of Blues
"The sound is great and the people are even better. Something about HOB makes you feel like a part of history and I really enjoy that feeling just as much as the Joy or Saenger theaters."

For walking: Magazine Street
"Magazine is fully loaded (pun intended) with retail stores and local restaurants that really invite you to get a wide variety culture, food, and clothes all on the same street."

For sleeping: Iberville Suites
"If you want to throw down in the city and aren't from there, highly recommend you book a room here to satisfy your lavish/comfortable needs. Some of the best mattresses I've ever slept on."

For people watching: French Quarter
"Nothing much else to do besides run into people since this is one of the busiest parts of the city."

For the best views: Botanical Gardens
"This is one of the best views of the city."


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