wiley drops new video for chasing the art

The grime godfather returns to major label Island.

by Hattie Collins
29 April 2015, 2:53am

After dropping Snakes and Ladders on Ninja Tune last year, Wiley has returned to Island records for his next release, the Heavytrackerz produced single Chasing The Art, taken from an album mooted to drop later this year.

Not normally a fan of putting himself in any visuals, Chasing the Art sees Eskiboy riding past the street art of East London as he expounds on such subjects as his hard-working Nan, waiting for trains at Euston station and how he didn't mean to be a lyrical dan. It just happened. The single is Wiley's dissertation on why it's no longer about chasing the cash, but building the scene.

Chasing the Art is the second big release for grime this week, following Skepta's Grace LaDoja's directed Shutdown. Shot outside the Barbican, the video appears to be a comment on the police shutting down Tim and Barry's Just Jam last year.