i-d's highlights from tasmania's mofo festival

Four days of thought provoking music and art curated by Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie.

by i-D Team
20 January 2015, 11:55pm

After four days of eccentric programming, the seventh annual MOFO festival in Tasmania's capital finished up on Sunday night with performances from Japanese trio Shonen Knife and Kiwi legends The Clean. Curated by Violent Femmes bassist Brian Ritchie, who's made Hobart his home, the festival is not for the faint hearted yet with everything from Swedish metal to symphony orchestras and the odd noise band, there really is something for everyone. These were our highlights.

Li Binyuan
Watching this Beijing artist smash hundreds of hammers apart with, er, a hammer - as an exhausting statement about the artistic process - was surprisingly compelling. Most of the audience left with a piece of hammer as a souvenir and a new found appreciation for fierce endurance.

Atticus J. Bastow
After inviting the audience to download an app that became an iPhone instrument of sorts, the Melbourne sound artist stood in the middle of the room wearing a dramatic cape with a mobile phone held high and essentially created a piece of interactive sound art by filling the warehouse with a swarm of tones which changed according to the position of the audience's phones. Never done that before.

Omar Souleyman
In full traditional Middle Eastern dress and sunnies, the Syrian wedding singer who has released over 500 albums and worked with Björk, Keiran Hebdan and Damon Albarn, casually strolled around the stage and, along with his keyboardist delivered a set of dabke dance music that had every single person in the audience with hands in the air.

Matthew Barney
Proving that the fewer degrees to Björk in a given festival the better, the Matthew Barney exhibition, River of Fundament, was stunning and in many ways mirrored Mofo's host city Hobart: fascinating, beautiful and very cold. The show at Mona gallery reflects the themes in his new six-hour film of the same name and is a visual feast of contrasting textures and ideas inspired loosely by Norman Mailer's novel Ancient Evenings.



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