video premiere: jaakko eino kalevi, deeper shadows

Adventure through portals with this dream team...

by Francesca Dunn
30 April 2015, 1:02am

A new favourite of ours, Helsinki born and raised Jaakko Eino is on a roll with not only his music, but his great collaboration choices. Having called on Harley Weir to direct last year's beautiful No End, he's moved onto London visual artist Charlotte Rutherford and we're impressed. With the announcement of his self-titled new album (due out 15th June via Weird World) still fresh, we're super excited to present the music video premiere of new single Deeper Shadows. 

Set to the track's soft vocals and completely brilliant panpipes, watch as JEK and his girl gang arm wrestle, perfect their sedated karaoke performance and become badass with the most chill training montage we've ever seen. Look through portals to a parallel universe and find great filters, pet poodles and amazing hair all round. "Charlotte was full of energy and not cool, in the best possible way," says Jaakko. "We shot it at her house in Ilford where they had a poodle, hens and a rabbit, and there were so many people running around. She has a natural style, though she was directing the girls more than me and Suad. I think the video balances the song's feeling, and makes a cheerful song even more cheery."

Jaakko Eino Kalevi's self-titled debut album is due out 15th June via Domino's Weird World. Catch him at all manner of festivals and gigs this summer.

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