​jme will swap you his record for a pokémon

The independent UK Grime musician has been trading on Twitter.

by Charlotte Gush
15 July 2015, 1:02am

Do you have a mint quality Charizard Pokémon card? If so, you could be on the receiving end of some choice vinyl from UK Grime artist JMESkepta's little brother put a call out on social media for "a shiny Charizard In good condition," promising a vinyl pressing of his album Integrity in return.

True to his word, when fans across the country tweeted pictures of their "dual-type Fire/Flying Pokémon," JME trecked to exotic locations like Hertfordshire to collect his bounty, posting victory pics with the swappers.

SWAPPSSSS!!!!! @Josh_Hallam_ via @JmeBBK

Why does JME want the cards? "For myself," he tweeted. Fair enough. Check out JME's Man Don't Care below.