meet the charismatic and alcoholically inclined beach boy

If Young Thug, Riff Raff, Yung Lean, and Lady Gaga had a baby, this dude would be the result.

by Nicholas Mason
03 August 2015, 6:00am

Photography Russell Kleyn

Eighteen years young and fresh out of high school, Finn O'Brien, who goes by the name Beach Boy, is the epitome of uniqueness. The intriguingly beautiful music he makes is only heightened by his overall weird attractiveness, colourful outfits and unmistakable penchant for drinking to get ridiculously drunk.

Going against the grain, Beach Boy has released each of his songs with an accompanying music video and they are all super watchable. Whether it's with his fun-loving posse of drinking buds in 'All Around' or his turn in 'I'm The Most Drunk', viciously consuming Scrumpy (his favourite alcoholic beverage and the focus of much of his song writing) while driving speed boats, doing bombs and generally flexing in multiple matching outfits, Finn tends to have your full, undivided attention.  

Intrigued, I met Beach Boy, who was sporting a pair of all black Huaraches and a full Adidas tracksuit, for a skate and a chat in his home town of Wellington.

Who is Beach Boy?
BEACH BOY is me.

When and why did you start doing this?
I fell asleep with a jungle juice bottle next to my nose and then I woke up as beach boy. Haha nah, well that's what my friends tell me. I was drunk at my house trying to make a song and nothing was working. Then I made the beat for 'Most Drunk' and I literally grabbed the mike and said everything I was feeling in one big freestyle without even thinking. Then I ran to the beach, filmed the clip and now it is what it is.

I heard you like the drink Scrumpy?
Yes, only the red flavour though. I'll let you know when I'm finished as well.

Are you into any other drugs?
Whatever's on the mirror, haha nah.

What's it like growing up in New Zealand's capital city?
Party capital of New Zealand. It's crazy. I feel like I'm partying every night, when I'm not even trying to. Too many best friends around here. It's the best.

What are the girls like there?
I already got a beach girl.

Who are your biggest influences?
Lana Del Ray, Christopher Nolan, Travis Scott, Hans Zimmer, M.I.A.

I'm really into your song 'About a Year Ago'. Do you have you got any other projects on the go at the moment?
Yeah heaps on the go. I just released four tracks on my SoundCloud with a video for every one of them. There is some crazzzy shit coming though.

Whats something no one knows about you?
I use fake tan on the regular. Shout outs to Dove for making me smell like a year 9.

Favourite food?
Mexican and crispy stuff. I love deep fried shit.


Text Nicholas Mason
Photographer Russell Kleyn
Stylist Zoey Radford-Scott

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