you’ll be able to test your drugs at festivals this summer

This is not a trap.

May 22 2017, 5:31pm

Yes, yes, yes, it's summer festival season and this year you'll be able to test your drugs. For the first time ever, Reading, Leeds and a whole host of other events are poised to offer free drug testing services and, what's more, they'll be happening with the full support of local law enforcement (i.e. they're not a trap). The whole thing's set up by an organisation called The Loop -- they're the boffins who handle forensics when drugs are seized by police -- and follows on from a scheme at last year's Secret Garden Party, where some 200 revellers were able to check their drugs, with the tested samples subsequently being destroyed.

"It's really exciting that police are prioritising health and safety over criminal justice at festivals," says The Loop's Fiona Measham, who hopes to see the programme rolled out across ten different festivals. Melvin Benn, head of the Live Nation subsidiary that handles Latitude, V Festival and Wireless among others, says: "We talked about it during the summer of last year and the reality is that I took a decision that unless and until the NPCC [National Police Chiefs' Council] supported the principle of it, it was difficult for us to move forward on it. It's taken a long time and it won't be at every festival, but where we think there is a need to do it we will be doing it".

Read more about what The Loop does here.


Text Matthew Whitehouse
Image via Flickr