can socks be woke? maybe, if willow smith is designing them

Willow Smith can find meaning and purpose everywhere. Even socks.

by i-D Staff
15 November 2016, 3:01am

Willow Smith has followed in the footsteps of Rihanna (unfortunately, pun intended) and collaborated with Stance on a range of socks. Much like Riri's star turn as a knitwear designer, the youngest Smith has poured a lot of personality into her range. "This collection is my personal journey," Willow says, "I just wanted people to see how I see through these socks." 

"What I wanted to do with my line was tell a story. And there's always a meaning to what's on your feet, you know?" Continuing, "It's not just like, 'I'm putting on these socks and I don't think about it.' There's a meaning and reason why you wear these socks." Even when getting dressed, Willow has purpose — you never know when you might cross over into another dimension.

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Stance says the collection is "inspired by her constant search for answers to mysteries of the cosmos." Some of the pairs are named "Earth vs. Cosmo," or "Step Into the Unknown," which either are, or should be, titles for her songs. Check out some very Willow campaign imagery below, and see the range here.

Willow Smith