i-D’s favourite feminists clapback at the online trolls

To kick off International Women’s day we asked some of our favourite women in the world about the most sexist comments they’ve ever received and what they would say in return. Think Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, but better.

by i-D Staff
08 March 2017, 10:25am

Lotte Andersen, founder of Maxilla
Man off the street: You look good in that skirt. Makes me wanna take you home and show you a good time.
Lotte: Don't touch what you can't afford.

Ashley Armitage, artist

@Hearts_and_blood: DISGUSTING! The stain just takes it on another level of nastiness.

Ashley: Alright. First of all it's in no way gross or unhygienic. Menstruation is a totally natural thing that people with uteruses experience. But menstruating is messy and period blood stains happen all of the time. There's nothing dirty about owning underwear with old period stains leftover on them. We also have to acknowledge that 1) not all people have access to menstrual supplies like tampons, pads, and cups, and 2) not all people have the means to just throw away underwear when they get stained. Seriously like half of my undies have old stains on them and there's nothing wrong with that.

Edie Campbell, model
Sweet misguided troll

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Edie: So am I.

Liv Little, founder of gal-dem Zine

Scared male director: I was at the launch of the BBC's black British series and a male director took it upon himself to tell me that my shaved head was aggressive and that he was afraid of 'us girls'. He went on for ages about how our whole vibe made him feel uncomfortable because god forbid a woman should be able to shave her head and that not be an instant insight into her personality type...
Liv: I'm glad that he found my appearance to be aggressive and intimidating - hopefully it prevents people like him from speaking to me in the future.

Karley Sciortino, writer and founder of Slutever
Serial stalker

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Karley: IDK if my brain is wired wrong, but whenever someone calls me a slut or a whore, I get bizarrely excited by it. I just find perverse pleasure in knowing that simply by being a woman who openly enjoys sex, I'm able to incite rage in total randoms. 

Luisa Le Voguer Couyet, co-founder of Hate Zine
Sexist punter: While I was doing a trial shift at the Shacklewell Arms about two or three years ago this guy kept asking for my number so I said I'd give it to him if he gave me £20. He then scribbled his number on a £20 note and ripped it in half saying I could have both pieces if we met up.
Luisa: I still have the other half and we actually re-printed it in the sex issue of Hate. 

Arvida Bystrøm, photographer
Famous old white male artist:

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Arvida: In the context of femmes, queers, people of colour getting harassed online Richard Prince's art is nothing but dusty; reinforcing hierarchies by throwing his dick around, don't let another man get away with this.

Antonia Marsh, founder of Girls Only
Harmless male friends: Last night I was described by a group of close male friends as being "one of the boys" as if this was a positive attribute, and that sort of comment has the capacity to offend me. I know in this instance my friends were joking, and I don't consider them sexist in their attitude towards women at all, but there's something within me that still wants to fervently assert my womanhood in response.
Antonia: Quite happy being a girl, thanks.

Nellie Eden & Claire Burman, founders of BabyFace
Hideous troll:

Macintosh HD:Users:tish.weinstock:Desktop:Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 14.10.50.png

Babyface: Dear I'mNotGrimey. Thank you for your troll on the Champion editorial we shot where girls were wearing boys tracksuits. While we appreciate the content might have been somewhat inflammatory and undeniably shocking we thought the girls looked great in the tracksuits but, we learnt a great deal from you. Thank you for opening our eyes to 'the evil of female journalists.' They've really got no right to write about style and HYPEBEAST should certainly segregate their readers and marginalise women. If we could I'mNotGrimey, we'd help close that door we opened. But we can't be arsed. Get the hell out of here you sexist pig and go get a day job! Love Babyface x

Phoebe Lovatt, founder of Working Women's Club
My A-Level History teacher: "You're going to terrify men when you grow up."
Phoebe: Good.

Molly Soda, artist
Someone claiming to be a chicken vendor:

Macintosh HD:Users:tish.weinstock:Downloads:IMG_5917.PNG

Molly: Literally have no comment.

Grace Miceli, artist and founder of Art Baby
Ignorant male: I was hanging out with a guy once and he asked me: "So is this whole feminism thing for real?"
Grace: I replied Yeah and walked out immediately.

Anouska Beckwith, photographer and founder of World Wide Women's Collective
Wannabe French Bob Dylan: A few years ago I was hosting a dinner party for my great friend, musician Katy Rose, who had come to visit me from LA. I had been literally cleaning all day wearing a pair of ragged tracksuits bottoms, a man's t-shirt, some granny slippers and my hair had ended up looked like a bird's nest; when I do my housework as I like to feel comfortable at ease when cleaning. Suddenly the doorbell rang and to my surprise a guest who describes himself as 'the French Bob Dylan' was standing at my door an hour and half early for the party. When I opened the door he gasped in horror and proceeded to tell me that he had never seen a woman look such a state, that I had truly shocked him. That to him women should never look like this. I was really taken aback at how rude he was as I would never dream of telling someone such a thing. I truly felt sorry for any woman that this man must have dated as I guess none of the women he had gone out with had ever shown their 'true' selves.
Anouska: I personally am someone who likes to be myself in front of my boyfriend and friends as I don't think what you wear should matter 24 hours of the day. It must be exhausting to be 'perfect' all the time. In my mind imperfection and flaws are what makes you unique and one should embrace that.