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Last week, New York's bright young creatives flocked to the opening of the New Museum's 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience, an art exhibition that spotlights the world's most compelling early-career artists. Follow Kathy Lo’s lens and discover the night...

by i-D Team
11 March 2015, 10:58am

Photography Kathy Lo

Where are you from?
Seoul via Texas via NYC.

What do you do?
Fashion sales and consulting.

What are you wearing from head to toe?
Dolce & Gabbana choker and top, Comme Des Garcons pants, Zero Maria Cornejo leather leggings, Margiela Tabi Boots.

What/who are you here to see?
DiS, Frank Benson and Juliana Huxtable, and Josh Kline.

Who is your favourite artist?
Lucas Cranach the Elder.

What inspires you?
Humour, love and anger. In that order.

What are you listening to on repeat right now?
Jae Genius, Mr Mitch, Hot Sugar's new album, AFX free soundcloud releases.

What's the best thing about art in 2015?
Museum and other exhibitions increasingly becoming more obscure.


Photography Kathy Lo